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The most modern operating theatre in Slovenia.

In 2007 we opened the most modern operating theatre in Slovenia in the premises of the Golnik Clinic. It was established with the purpose of providing patients in need of demanding surgical procedures with the most modern and state of the art services and equipment in the field of thoracic surgery. We gradually expanded the surgical procedures to abdominal, neural, orthopedic, vascular and cosmetic surgery and currently cooperate with highly trained, experienced and renowned surgeons in their respective fields.

In 2014 we acquired two international accreditations for our establishment: Healthcare Accreditation Standards of the American Accreditation Council and DNV GL’S INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION PROGRAM FOR HOSPITALS. Our accreditations attest to the fact that we treat patients at our establishment in accordance with the highest standards that assure a maximum degree of safety.

We are aware that trust in our experts and their kindness and approachability are very important when it comes to surgical treatment. We also know that health and life are unique, irreplaceable and priceless values for every individual. I assure you that we will continue to strive for nothing less than perfection and excellence.

Marko Bitenc, Director

The most modern operating theatre in Slovenia
The most modern operating theatre in Slovenia