Information for patients

All the relevant information collected in a single place.

Life is demanding in itself. When we are facing a major or minor surgical procedure, we often think of the darker scenarios. The Internet is also full of unsubstantiated information that can cause further insecurity and doubt. Many of our patients have told us that they wish for clear and simple answers to some of the key questions they and their families and friends were faced with in the days before a surgical procedure. That is why we prepared a section of detailed information for patients that includes important and verified information on all the services the Bitenc surgery provides. The information has been collected based on our expert experience.

The Frequently Asked Questions section contains answers to some of the key questions. Are you interested in when you will be receiving the results after lung surgery? Will the stitches remain visible? Read more in the FAQ Do you want to know the clinical path of the patient from the first consultation until discharge from our hospital? Find the information you need under Clinical Pathways. Are you familiar with the Patient Rights Act? Find it under Useful Links.

Directions before surgery
Our main goal is your safety and successful recovery after your procedure. You can contribute to this goal by carefully following the directions before surgery.

General directions before surgery

You will be informed of the date and time of admission into the hospital by telephone. Changes in our schedule do occur from time to time, but we will certainly keep you informed. Our main goal is your safety and successful recovery after your procedure. You can greatly contribute to a successful outcome by following these directions:

  • Immediately inform us of any changes in your health (fever, cold, inflammation)
  • Cease taking Aspirin or other medicines influencing blood coagulation (e.g. Andol, Tagren, Naprosyn, vitamin E and various herbal medicines) at least 7 days prior to the procedure or consult your personal physician.
  • Cease smoking and drinking alcohol.

Do not eat anything before your admission into hospital. The last meal can be eaten at least six hours prior to admission. Eat light meals on the day before your procedure.

  • Take a long shower or bath in the morning before your departure to reduce the likelihood of infection. Do not shave the presumed location of the procedure, the personnel at the hospital will do it for you.
  • Remove all make up, nail polish or artificial nails to simplify the monitoring of circulation and reduce the likelihood of infection. Also remove all jewellery.
  • Bring any medication you take regularly with you to the hospital. Take your blood pressure reducing medication with a small sip of water, but do not take any other medication on the day of your procedure.
  • It is advised that you bring your toiletries and slippers with you. All other necessities will be provided for you at the hospital.
  • You will need to remove any orthopedic devices (glasses, contact lenses, dentures) before the procedure.
  • Leave any valuables, credit cards or large amounts of money at home.
  • Make arrangements for accompaniment upon your release from the hospital.