Welcome to the website of Surgery Bitenc

We perform specialised clinical procedures, clinical diagnostics and surgical procedures in the fields of thoracic, abdominal, orthopaedic, neural, vascular, plastic and cosmetic surgery.


Field of activity

At Surgery Bitenc, we divide our activities into three parts: specialist outpatient clinics, endoscopic activities, and surgery and hospitalisations. The outpatient and endoscopic activities are performed at Zdravje Healthcare Institution in Ljubljana, while operations and hospitalisations are carried out at the Golnik Hospital. Below, you can browse through the main areas of our services, by clicking on a particular field, you can read additional information.

Waiting periods

160-180 days Waiting period for surgical procedures (varicose veins, thyroid)
20-50 days Waiting period for surgical treatment of abdominal hernias
50-110 days Waiting period for surgical treatment of gallstones
30 days There is no waiting period for surgical treatment of changes in the lungs

Please note that the tables above list the shortest possible waiting times that change daily.
We would also like to point out that, if you choose a specific specialist, the waiting period may be longer than stated.